May 12, 2020

Where to see Puffins ?

Besides the impressive glaciers and the beautiful aurora lights, Iceland harbours more of nature’s beauty. Say hello to the most charming creatures on this majestic island and read on to find out where to see puffins.

You will not be able to miss Iceland’s puffins, as each has a brightly coloured orange beak and feet. With their cute clumsy walk and their stunning eyes, they make you fall in love with them even more.

They create strong social relationships with their colony living together in groups of up to tens of thousands. Iceland is home to an estimated 60% of the world’s population which adds up to over 6 million birds.

Puffins only settle in the same place they were born, making certain locations the best to spot them. Only during summer they come back to Iceland when it is time for breeding and to lay their eggs. Here, they spend their time on the island, waiting for their chicks to be ready to join them at the surface of the ocean again.


The typical puffin-watching season lasts from late May until September so make sure to book your stay in Iceland during the summer months.


If you want to have the best experience and see these unique animals in person you can rent a car and drive to the populated areas along the Icelandic coast. You can also book one of the boat tours that will take you directly to small islands close to the shore. Even though puffins are not shy by nature, we encourage you to respect their environment and please refrain from touching or feeding them. If you approach them, do it slowly and remember to stay calm.

Best places to spot them include :

Látrabjarg, located in the famous Westfjörds of Iceland, Puffins are only one of the many species you can watch here during summer.
• Along the South Coast, the closest place to Reykjavik is Dyrhólaey Rock Arch.
• With a boat the best opportunity near the capital is Faxafloí Bay.


We wish you an incredible time exploring Iceland and hope you get the chance to see puffins in their natural habitat ! Give your feedbacks 🙂

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