Apr 16, 2020

Whale Fjord – Total Escape from Reykjavik

If you feel overwhelmed by all the things you can do in Iceland this small trip is a good first introduction to everything this unique island has to offer. The Hvalfjordur Whale Fjord is located close to Reykjavik. It is making it perfect for a small tour which takes around 3-5h.

The easiest way to explore Iceland is by renting car. After March, the roads are perfect to drive on without the extreme weather conditions during the Winter months.


Tip: If you want to find great tips for renting a car or other ways to get around Reykjavik check out our article on “How to get to us”.


What do you have to know ?

First of all, along this 30km Fjord, you will drive through an underwater tunnel. After, you will be surrounded by volcanic mountains, long beaches and Iceland’s highest waterfall Glymur

Not as its title indicates, the fjords got their name after an old Icelandic folktale

Definitely bring along your hiking shoes as along the beaten tracks. In that case, some small climbing will be needed if you want to discover everything. Finally, along the drive you will find some beautiful views so take your time if you don’t want to miss any hidden treasures.


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