Valhusabraut park

Valhusabraut Park

In front of our houses is the Valhusabraut park where you have a panorama view of the entire city and Faxafloi bay. On the park, you can find a small lovely playground, a football field and the Seltjarnarnes church with beautiful architecture, completely away from tourist attractions, so that you can enjoy your time there almost by yourself. On nice sunny days, you will see some locals having a walk there with their family and their pets. People believe that there are trolls living under the rocks in the park, so if you cross the park alone, be careful because maybe some unexpected friends would come and say hello 😊 
Esja mountain Reykjavik
Esja mountain view from the park


Valhusabraut Park
Valhusabraut Park in Winter


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