May 26, 2020

Top 4 Best Hot Springs Near Reykjavik



Thinking of going to the Blue Lagoon and just noticed that it is still closed due to Covid19 or looking for another place to enjoy natural warm water? We have the solution!
This is our Top 4 of the best hot springs near Reykjavik. Ready? Here we go!



Kvika Foot Path - Seltjarnarnes
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1 – Kvika (Seltjarnarnes)

➔ In Reykjavik – 15 min by walk from the Blue House, behind the little wood hut – 3min by foot from the Grotta Lighthouse


Yes, you read well, 15min from the Blue House! The footbath of Seltjarnarnes is not a natural one but the creation of an artist: Olöf Nordal. Let’s enjoy a nice warm foot bath of this tiny but cute geothermal structure and admire the amazing view!


Don’t forget to bring a towel to dry your feet! We can provide you with some, send us a WhatsApp message 🙂

Why going there?

∙ Close to the Blue House
∙ Relaxing place
∙ Free & Easy to find





Hot River - Reykjaladur
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2 – Hot River – Reykjaladur

➔ 45km from Reykjavik (40min by car – 1:30 by public transports)

First of all, to go to the hot river, you will need to hike up the valley of Reykjaladur (8km in total) which will offer you a nice mix of landscapes and colours (it takes around 1:00). The hike is very accessible but could be very busy in Summer times and it is a real pleasure to end the hike by bathing in this natural warm water spot.

More you are going farther in the stream, more the water is warm!

Why going there?
∙ Close to Reykjavik
∙ Accessible with the bus
∙ Easy hike
∙ Amazing views




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3 – Hrunalaug

➔ 105km from Reykjavik (1:30 from downtown – easy to go ! )

This small hot spring is an old stone-walled pool in the middle of nature. It is part of a private priority but you are free to go there to relax and enjoy some landscapes.


⚠ Be careful and try to respect as much as possible nature, we have to be thankful for this kind of amazing and relaxing place.

Why going there?
∙ In the Golden Circle area
∙ Very quiet and peaceful place
∙ Not overcrowded






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4 – Landbrotalaug

➔ 117km from Reykjavik – on the way to Snaefellsnes (1:45 from the capital)

Plan to go to the Snaefellsnes peninsula? Stop at Landbrotalug!

This tiny hot spring is a bit hidden within nature and will offer you an amazing Icelandic view. Moreover, it fits for 2 people and it looks like a real chilling place in the middle of nowhere.


As the hot spring is a small one, I strongly advise you to go there very early or rather late to avoid a crowded place and wait for too long before access.


Why going there?

∙ Middle of nature
∙ Not far from the Eldborg Crater
∙ A romantic place for a couple


Did you enjoy one of the 4 best hot springs spots close to Reykjavik? We are waiting for your feedback…




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