May 18, 2020

Best trekking spots in South Iceland

Trekking is for sure one of the fun physical activities that you can do while enjoying the breath-taking Icelandic scenery. Blue House Blog has prepared a list of best trekking spots in South Iceland for you!

This is our selection of the 3 best trekking spots in South Iceland. This is up to you to go hiking by yourself or book a trekking tour through websites. Usually, when you book a tour on a specific website, the list of equipment you must have is stated. In case you want to hike alone, we provided you with a check-list of what to bring for a trek.

Best Trekking Spots in South Iceland



Firstly, even if this is one of the most popular hikes in Iceland, this is undoubtedly one of the nicest. You will be able to enjoy a large variety of landscapes: multicoloured mountains, volcanic deserts of black sand, ice caves, glaciers… This trek is also known as the “hot springs road”. Be prepared to cross four rivers of cold water!


Hiking trail
1st step – Landmannalaugar – Hrafntinnusker : 12km (4-5 hours)
2nd step – Hrafntinnusker – Alftavatn : 12km (4-5 hours)
3rd step – Alftavatn – Ernstrur : 15km (6-7 hours)
4th step – Ernstrur – Thorsmörk : 15km (6-7 hours)


Duration : 3 to 4 days
Length: about 55km (34 miles)
Period: mid-June to September
Level : medium/difficult
Accommodation: camping or huts (each step)


Why choosing this trekking spot?

• Amazing different landscapes
• Hotsprings along the way
• One of the world’s best trails
• Nice challenge




Then, our second selection is a one or two days trek which starts at the famous waterfall of Skógáfoss and ends at the beautiful green valley of Thorsmörk. (of course, it is possible to hike by the other way). Fimmvörðuháls is perfect for the photographers because it offers different and amazing landscapes but also the possibility to see the famous volcano Eyjafjallajökull which erupted in 2010.


Hiking Trail
1st step – from Skógá River to the Fimmvörðuháls hut
2nd step – Eyjafjallajökull & Mýrdalsjökull glaciers
3rd step – Passing by Goðaland and ends at Thórsmörk


Duration: 1 or 2 days
Length : 25km
Period: July to September
Level: challenging
Accommodation: hut mid-way (Fimmvörðuháls Mountain Hut)


Why choosing this trekking spot?
• Feasible in 1 day
• Way to approach the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano
• 26 waterfalls on the way
• Only 2:30 from Reykjavik




This trek is easier than the two above. It looks like a training hike before venturing in the Laugavegur. Kjalvelgur is rather flat but will offer you plenty of beautiful landscapes especially because it is located between two glaciers: Langjökull and Hofsjökull.


Hiking Trail :
1st step – Hveravellir – Þjófadalir: 12km (4-5hours)
2nd step – Þjófadalir – Þverbrekknamúli: 13km (4-5 hours)
3rd step – Þverbrekknamúli – Hvítárnes 14km (4-5 hours)


Duration: 3 days
Length: 44km
Period: June to September
Level: medium
Accommodation: huts


Why choosing this trekking spot?
• Nice views and landscapes
• Accessible for non-experienced hikers
• Good training before Laugavegur


More information about the accommodation :
The price for a night in camping is about 2000 ISK/ night (13€)
The price for a night in a hut is between 85000 and 9000 ISK/ night (57€)




• 1 light t-shirt (short/long sleeves)
• 1 thick t-shirt (thermal comfort)
• Underwears (can be used for swimsuit)
• Socks: 2 pairs thermal & 1 warmer
• 1 legging
• 1 pair of hiking pants
• 1 pair of rain pants
• 1 fleece
• 1 light jacket
• 1 rain jacket
• 1 hat
• Hiking shoes + pair of sandals
• 1 micro-fibre towel & toilet bag
• Hiking Sticks
• Tent (max. 3kg)
• 1 sleeping bag
• 1 pillow
• Backpack (30 to 60L)
• 1 little pot
• Cutlery
• Hob & Gas
• Gourde

++ 1 hat, 1 pair of thermal gloves, 1 neck warmer

Others: Camera, sewing-kit, first-aid kit, lighter, Swiss knife, wallet for important papers…


Did you venture in one of them? The Blue House would love to hear your feedback 🙂


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