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Our houses

As a traveler, Zeno came to explore Iceland in 2006 and decided to settle here since then as he was in love with the peninsula where our houses are located. The tranquil neighborhood of our houses offers plenty of incredible natural sights but only 10 minutes away from downtown Reykjavik. With the aspiration was to build a home to welcome travelers from all over the world, he started renovating the Blue House himself in 2009. After 10 years now, Zeno is very happy that he has opened 2 more houses in order to give more comfortable options for group or family travelers: Green House and Yellow House. Three houses locate on the same street since he always wants to make sure the guests are staying with convenience.

Blue House B&B Reykjavik in Winter
The Blue House and its beautiful neighborhood in Winter,
Summer in Iceland, Blue House B&B Reykjavik
in Summer
Reykjavik panoramic view from Blue House B&B
and in Autumn.

If you come to our Blue House, it would be so lovely if you mark your home place on our world map as other guests did.

Living room in the Blue House and the world map
The world map in the living room of the Blue House.


kitchen, breakfast Blue House
The kitchen at Blue House
Living room, sofa Blue House
Another corner of the living room at the Blue House

The Green House is located next to the Blue House, which is usually a favorite choice of groups from 4-6 people. The house has 2 bedrooms, 1 private bathroom, 1 sofa and kitchenette with a dining table.


Summer Green House Reykjavik, Iceland
Our lovely Green House from outside in summer

inside the Green House
and cozy from inside

The Yellow House is located 150 meters away but still on the same street with the other two houses. It is perfect for family or group from 8 up to 12 people, with a gorgeous view to the sea, and the Grotta Lighthouse with the Snaefellsnes volcano in the background from the rooms. The Yellow House has 3 bedrooms furnished with 3 queen beds and 3 sofa beds, 2 bathrooms, and 1 kitchen for common use.

Yellow House Reykjavik Iceland
Yellow House with the little sign from outside
Grotta lighthouse, midnight sunset
Stunning sunset from the Blue House
Family room
Dining table in Family room Nes.
Grotta Lighthouse
Beautiful view from the Yellow House.


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