South Coast & Hiking a Glacier – Mix of Adventure and Fun

Mar 27, 2020

South Coast & Hiking a Glacier – Mix of Adventure and Fun

I want to be honest with you, I am not the most athletic person or any kind of exercise for that matter. But I will admit that standing on the top of the glacier, in the end, was worth everything.Since booking the South Coast and Glacier Tour, I felt excited because I knew I never experienced anything like it. When the bus took the final turn and we were able to see the glacier from far, I couldn’t stop staring. It was beautiful but still dangerous and cold.


Elpida newt to the GlacierWe reached a small house in the middle of nowhere. As we entered, they offered us hot coffee and tea while we got ready for the hike. There was a big window from where you could see the frozen mountain waiting for you. I was staring at it until one of the assistants brought me back to reality. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They were making jokes and made all of us, especially the amateur climbers, feel comfortable and safe. They were very clear about the instructions and made sure that our equipment was working. I didn’t bring any gloves, obviously, so they offered me a pair which I was smart enough to accept.

We started walking to the glacier and the cold wind was touching our faces. At some point, the wind was so strong that I thought of putting some rocks in my pocket. A tiny person and light like a feather can struggle with the wind. Of course, we stopped many times along the way to take pictures. For the lonely travelers/ Instagramers like me, the staff was offering their photographic abilities.


Climbing to the top left me speechless. Walking among ice of 4m tall, touching the cold surface and watching the bubbles inside. In some parts, it’s crystal blue and in some other, it was black, like my soul, due to the volcanic ash. The climb to the top was slippery, and for people like me that never exercise, fortunately, you have the staff to rescue you anytime. They also had a lot of information and stories to tell us.


Beautiful view on top of the GlacierOn top, the view is breathtaking. It is so quiet you can overlook everything. You look around the empty landscapes. No buildings, no smoke, no noise, nothing is blocking you the view and you can see the earth as it is. For some reason, I wanted to stay up there forever. It was so peaceful.
We walked a little more and explored the top. We drank clear water from the small running rivers. Finally, something that does not taste like plastic or a tab!

The weather was perfect and we didn’t feel cold for a second. The moment we started to go back down, a light snowstorm made its appearance. I loved it.


I felt like a real traveler experiencing a real adventure. I cannot express with words the feeling of being on top of a glacier. It looks so dangerous and cold, but somehow you manage to climb on top. I felt proud, of course, and powerful. I would do it again and again. Until I find a way to stay up there. It felt like home for my cold heart and my black soul.


Did you experience the South Coast or the Glacier hike ? The Blue House really wants to know your feedbacks !


Elpida - Author

Elpida from the beautiful Greek island of Syros is our head intern and (recovering) caffeine addict. You will always see her with a huge smile and more energy than an Icelandic snow storm.

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