Grotta lighthouse

Grotta Light House

sunset Grotta light house
Sunset at the Grotta Lighthouse with the Snæfells volcano in the background

From many rooms of our houses, you will have a view to the Grotta Lighthouse and in some clear days, there will be the famous spectacular Snaefellnes volcano from Snaefellnes peninsula in the background. In summer, people love walking along the seashore towards the lighthouse and enjoy the stunning view for midnight sunset there. If you are a bird-lover, you will absolutely be having a great time watching birds nesting crowdedly in this area. Due to the crowded bird nesting during summer, the Lighthouse is closed from 1st May to 15th July every year for the nature reserve. This is one of the most tourist attractive locations in Reykjavik as you will see the parking lot next to the lighthouse is always busy many cars come and go. Also, this is one of my favorite spots in Reykjavik for northern lights hunting in winter with no light pollution from the city.

Northern light Grotta lighthouse
Northern light at the Grotta Lighthouse

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