Jul 12, 2019

Grótta Light House – Sunset and Northern Lights spot

Sunset at the Grótta Light House
Sunset at the Grótta Light House

From many rooms of our houses, you can enjoy the gorgeous view of the Grótta Lighthouse. It is located on the western tip of the Reyjkavik peninsula and counts as one of the most popular landmarks inside Iceland’s capital. On clear days you will even get to see the famous Snæfellsnes volcano in the background.

During low tide, you can take a walk along the sand strip and enjoy the stunning view of the sunset there.


Check the Tide Table before visiting to make sure you don’t have to swim through freezing water to get back.


Northern Lights at the Grótta Lighthouse

The Grótta Light House is closed from 1st May to 15th July every year for the nature reserve. There are parking spots in front which is usually busy, especially in the evenings. If you are coming from the Downtown area, you can take bus number 11 from in the direction “Seltjarnarnes” and get off at “Lindarbraut” and walk for about 10 minutes.

Most importantly, the lighthouse is one of our favorite spots in Reykjavik for Northern Lights hunting in winter without the light pollution of the city.


Anything you would like to share ? Tell us your experience at the Grótta Light House 🙂

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