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Sep 17, 2020

Get Scientific at the Iceland Penis Museum

The Iceland Penis Musem is, erm, a very informative and detailed museum. Explore the anatomy of over 200 different animals. Keep up with the Bluehouse Blog for more.

What exactly can be found at the Iceland Penis Museum?

This museum beats out all the others if we’re talking penis variety. It’s an abnormal collection displaying the penises and general nether regions of almost every land and sea mammal inhabiting Iceland. In case you were wondering what a polar bear’s member looks like, this is the place for you. 🐻 In total, there are over 200 penises belonging to 46 different kinds of mammal. 55 of the specimens belong to different kinds of whales living around the island.

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Also, there are 350 displays involving art and tools following the museum’s phallic theme.

Where is it?

The museum is located in Hafnartorg, and can be visited from 10 am–7 pm daily.

How did the Iceland Penis Museum start?

It’s a valid question, to wonder how and why such a strange collection came about. The founder of the company, Sigurður Hjartarson, moved to the countryside as a child. He was given a pizzle, or bull’s penis, and used this as a whip for the animals. Later, his friends who worked at whaling stations taunted him, gifting him with the privates of whales. He then began collecting them! He soon harboured four whale penises and nine land mammal ones. The museum first opened in Rekjavik in 1997, hosting 62 different penises. It then moved to Húsavík, a fishing village, in 2004.

We think you’ll find this cabinet of curiosities surprisingly informative. Phallology is a relatively new practice in Iceland. The museum approaches the topic in a scientific manner.


The current curator, Hjartarson’s son, Hjörtur, moved the company back to Reykjavik in 2011, so you can easily visit it during your stay at Blue House. He has since adapted and improved it drastically. Check out their website for more details.


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