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May 15, 2020

Best running spot in Reykjavik


In my search for the best running spot in Reykjavik, I just realised that I was close to it. The jogging path that I will show you is a really good mixture of landscapes ands floors. On the way, you will discover few “must to-go” places of Seltjarnarnes. Ready ?

👟 Distance : 5km or 7km

Grotta Lighthouse (Seltjarnarnes)
Credit : Eléonore Thibault


The idea is to head toward the seaside and go for the tour of the Seltjarnarnes peninsula. I prefer to start by the side of the Esja Mountain but you can start by the other side !


Put this place on your Northern Lights Spot list – it seems to be one of the best place to enjoy Northern Lights in Reykjavik (November – March)


First step : Grótta lighthouse

This is one of my favourite places, whether it is snowing, raining or sunny. This lighthouse is there since 1947 and next to it there is an old fam. If you want to cross to go closer, it depends on the tide. To get more informations : click here.

Continue your way to the golf course Golfvollur created in 1964. Gold enthusiasts, here you will find a nice spot : 9 holes & a length of 2646 meters. This place is nice, quiet but a bit more complicated to practise – a lot of stones on the floor.

Abandoned house next to the Golf Course


Second Step : Guard Post

This building is here from the World War II and had a powerful searchlight to light the approach routes of the Reykjavik harbour. It was very useful to protect the city of enemy shipping and submarines. Now it is completely empty and abandoned.
Anecdote: one day, passing in front of it, I saw a group of girls having a glass of wine inside. What a great idea ! The view is beautiful, the sound of the waves and the landscape will make you so happy to be in Iceland, I promise !


Third step : Suðurnesvarða

This is a kind of big rock surmounted by a cross and light yellow in colour. This means that you are soon at the place where many species of birds gather. You can even feed them as at Lake Tjörnin in dowtown Reykjavik. If you like birds*, this is a good place to approach them.


⚠ Don’t forget that this place is a nature reserve – it is important to respect the established rules for the protection of the birds.

path showing the best running spot in reykjavik


Finally, the Seltjarnarnes Peninsula is for me an idyllic place to take a run. If you are not a runner, I simply advise you to walk or to take your bike and do the whole tour.

A good breath of fresh air, a beautiful scenery and a soothing calm.


I would advise you to go there at the end of the day to contemplate the beautiful of the sky when the sun goes down…


Put on your shoes and enjoy !

Do you think that is the best running spot of Reykjavik ? Give us your feedbacks 🙂



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