Jul 10, 2019

A Day in Reykjavik – A story guide to the Icelandic Capital

A beautiful day in Iceland is something you shouldn’t waste! After having breakfast at the Blue House, it only takes you 5 minutes by car to get to Downtown Reykjavik. Here, you can have a beautiful walk around and see what this unique city has to offer.

If you start in the heart of the city, you will see Tjörnin – the frozen lake which is located right behind the Prime Ministers office.

Walking further the smell of lamb soup will fill your nose you know you reached one of the most popular places to eat – “Icelandic street food”. They offer a variety of foods but their best selling dish is their famous soup. Each day they serve a different one such as the famous lamb soup or one with shellfish or just vegetables.

After this, you arrive at Skólavörðustígur street. Part of the road is painted in all the colors of the rainbow to celebrate Pride. It is also heading directly to one of Reykjavik’s biggest buildings, the church Hallgrímskirkja.



Café Babalú in Reykjavik
Credit – Café Babalú Facebook

Along the street you can enter the souvenir shops and the tourist favorite – Café Babalú. Its interior is full of lights, colors, different types of furniture and unique decoration on the walls. Nothings is matching but the result is a cozy atmosphere. You can enjoy a hot drink and a slice of cake or waffles to keep you warm for the rest of the day.

During the weekends you can stop by at the Flea market. This is a place of the traditional Icelandic woolen shirts, fish skin jewelry, lava bracelets, and shark tasting.


Until next time, embrace adventure!


Any ideas of activities for a day in Reykjavik ? The Blue House is always happy to here your ideas 🙂



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Elpida from the beautiful Greek island of Syros is our head intern and (recovering) caffeine addict. You will always see her with a huge smile and more energy than an Icelandic snow storm.

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