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Alluring Art Museums Reykjavik

There’s a great deal of art to be seen in Reykjavik, and that’s excluding its vibrant street art. In fact, city cardholders are able to get into many of the Art Museums Reykjavik for free. Follow our Bluehouse Blog for more.

Reykjavik Zoo: Enjoy Family Time in Iceland

Are you up for an entertaining activity that the whole family can enjoy? Here at the Blue House Blog, we have the perfect solution for you: Reykjavik Zoo.

Best trekking spots in South Iceland

Trekking is for sure one of the fun physical activities that you can do while enjoying the breath-taking Icelandic scenery. Blue House Blog has prepared a list of best trekking spots in South Iceland for you!

Where to see Puffins ?

Besides the impressive glaciers and the beautiful aurora lights, Iceland harbours more of nature’s beauty. Say hello to the most charming creatures on this majestic island and read on to find out where to see puffins.

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