Blue House

Daytour activities

1) Whale watching: In summer it includes Puffin tours. Several types of boats are available, all setting sail off the old harbour.

2)Northern Lights Hunting: we recommend, your own rental car or by boat.

3)Videy Island: Small Island reachable by a 5-minute ferry ride. Ancient ruins and rich historical background. Nowadays famous for the “Imagine Peace Tower”

4)Glacier Hike: Several companies offer day tours with walk over the glacier. Please only attempt this with professional guidance.

5)Inside the glacier: New tour that gives you access to a drilled tunnel inside Langjökull glacier.

6)Inside the volcano: Breath taking tour inside a non-active volcano.

7)Horseriding tours: We recommend or closer to Reykjavik

8)Snorkelling/Diving: World famous diving spot “Silfra” between two tectonic plates.